Paul Frazer PhD

Creator of Motivated Roles & Motivated Role Theory (MRT)

Paul Frazer PhD, Motivated Roles

Paul Frazer PhD

Paul is an engineer, author, professional speaker, scholar, but ultimately Paul is an explorer. He has always investigated new worlds to learn and experience new knowledge. This showed in his first career as a professional engineer, where he learned about the worlds of information technology, business, & leadership. This has continued in his academic pursuits as he immersed himself in understanding what makes people “tick”.

With a PhD in Psychology, he has interests in multi-trait models of motivation and personality. He is specifically interested in measuring motivation & personality with inventories, and how motivation appears in our personal & professional worlds. He also has interests in leadership, coaching, & positive psychology.

Paul is focused on helping others have better self-knowledge & self-mastery. Whether he is providing a keynote, coaching, consulting, or doing research, Paul focuses on helping others do more of what they were meant to do.

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Paul's Roles

We all have roles. These are some of Paul's more significant.


Paul is an explorer of not just the natural world, but also the land of the mind.


Paul is a learner and academic at his core.  He continuously seeks new knowledge.


Paul helps to translate between different individuals and groups--not language but understanding.


Paul is a big picture person who can synthesize the information present and create a strategy to move forward.

Paul's Education

Paul's education, and as with all of us, comes from both inside and outside academia.  His academic background does, however, support the roles that he plays.

B. Elec. Eng. & Mgmt

Specialization in Digital Communications & Business

M. Sc. Psychology

Dual Specialization in Leadership-Coaching and Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PhD I/O Psychology

Dual Specialization in Motivation and Personality Psychologies

What Drives Paul?

Paul has an insatiable curiosity in how things work, particularly the fascinating terrain of the mind. As an explorer and with lots of research, Paul has gained a lot of insight into the psychology of mastery and motivation which he shares with audiences everywhere.

Paul's Results

What has Paul done?
Paul is grateful for a diverse set of experiences and accomplishments:
  • Warren Evans Spirit of CAPS Award Winner 2021
  • CAPS [Canadian Association of Professional Speakers] National Director of Finance for 2009-2011
  • CAPS Ottawa President in 2007
  • CAPS Ottawa President Award for 2006
  • MPI Supplier of the Year nominee for 2008
  • MPI Rising Star Award nominee for 2007
  • TV Host
  • Past Council Chair for a charity
  • 16+ year I.T. career
  • Was born in Zambia and has lived overseas
  • Sailed across the Atlantic & with family for 8 months around the Eastern Caribbean
  • Has visited 70 countries, completed 2 marathons, 3 triathlons and climbed Mount Kiliminjaro
Is Paul a ​Motivational Speaker?
Yes and No.

Do people that see Paul speak call him a motivational speaker? Yes.

Does Paul believe that he is a motivational speaker? No.
In fact, Paul will tell you that all of those speakers that are hired as motivational speakers… aren’t.

Paul believes that there is only one motivational speaker in the world. In fact the research shows that this is true. No person can motivate someone else. Ever. Period!

Paul can help you learn about your own motivation. He can inspire you, but he will never be able to motivate you. Nor can anyone else.

Who is the only motivational speaker in the world?  You.
So, when you want someone to inspire you and give you real tools to unlock your own motivation, Paul is the professional speaker you need.

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